The Squizmo: 3D Printing and Dental Hygiene

If you have ever found yourself trying to squeeze toothpaste out of a larger tube into the smaller travel tube because you just can’t reconcile yourself to paying the higher per ounce price of the travel size… then this gadget is for you. Meet The Squizmo.

If you are an enthusiastic fan of all things 3D printing, then this gadget is also for you. If all of that describes you, then this may be as close to heaven as you get.

The Squizmo’s inventor, Chris Wagner, found his blood pressure rising as he made attempt after messy attempt to squeeze toothpaste from the big tube into a travel size tube, and decided that he would be victim no more. Instead, he put his ingenuity and background in manufacturing engineering and product development to good use and created a device that not only will ensure a tube of toothpaste can be completely emptied of its contents, but also will reseal the tube making it infinitely reusable. … (Read more)