Stratasys continues push into medical with 3D printer for digital dentistry

The 3D printer maker said the Object Eden260VS, which was first teased last November, is geared toward use within dental and orthodontic labs, where fine features and details are requisite.

The printer is compatible with all Stratasys dental materials, including VeroDent, VeroDentPlus and VeroGlaze. Stratasys said VeroGlaze, a material used to create precise dental parts like veneer try-ins, now meets the requirements of a bio-compatible photopolymer, meaning that it meets standard levels for things like irritation and acute systemic toxicity.

“Stratasys is fully committed to the digital dentistry market,” Avi Cohen, director of global dental at Stratasys, said in a statement. “The Objet Eden260VS Dental Advantage brings supremely accurate 3D printing technology to any dental lab seeking to benefit from the future of digital dentistry and orthodontics.”

As one of the most formidable giants in the 3D printer space, Stratasys has aggressively gone after the medical industry with its line of Poly-Jet printers, which are touted for their speed and accuracy. The focus on medical is pretty logical choice, given that the business case for 3D printers is strong in that particular industry. … (read more)