Students Create a Bio Printer To Test Drugs on Your Own 3D Printed Human Cells Rather than Animals (VIDEO)

Stevens Institute of Technology held an Elevator Pitch competition where students have two minutes to pitch a new business or product to a panel of judges. Sarima Ali was chosen by her team to pitch their bio printing business Ducali 3D Printing Solutions and their proposed bio printer.

An elevator pitch is a presentation made by someone seeking venture capital investment(s) that is, well, short enough that it can be given during an elevator ride. The competition puts research students in front of a panel of judges who rate their pitch based on the quality of the pitch and the viability of the business plan or product.

Ali and her research partners’ proposed business would outline ways to bioprint your own human cells using their dual nozzle Ducali bio printer. This allows doctors the ability to test drugs on your own living cell tissue in vitro rather than relying on lengthy, cruel and often imprecise animal testing. She suggests that this process could remove testing trials of two to six years costing millions of dollars and an entire team of experts could be replaced with two technicians and a few hours or printing and a few weeks of testing. … (Read more)