“Tailored made degradable synthetic polymers for 3D (bio)printing” – Presented by Christian Grandfils, CEIB, University of Liège

Advances in 3D (bio)printing need to have tailored made degradable polymers adapted to build structures mimicking our living structures.

PolyLife, a first spin-off project supported by Wallonia region, and BioMiMedics, an Interreg Meuse-Rhin project, have given us the financial tools to build a reactive extrusion platform allowing to synthesize and process degradable biocompatible polyesters in one single and continuous step. The process is rapid (minute scale), green and the equipment is GMP compliant.

About Christian Grandfils

Christian Grandfils is Professor – Director of Interfacultary Research Center of Biomaterials (CEIB), University of Liège.

About CEIB, University of Liège

CEIB is composed of 13 different laboratories/services with 31 representative members. Their disciplines cover the fields of material synthesis and characterisation (polymer, metal, ceramic, biopolymers, dispersed materials (micro- nanoparticles, …), surface coating, biomaterial testing (in vitro, in vivo) and of their preclinical and clinical investigations.

Specific expertises of the CEIB in the area of biomaterial concern: synthetic polymer engineering, in particular for the production of biodegradable biocompatible polymers (PLA, PCL, PLGA), including degradable amphiphilic gels designed for tissue engineering.

CEIB provides analytical services for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.