“The challenges of medical 3D printing”, Presented by Maureen van Eijnatten, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

Rapidly evolving 3D imaging, robotics, and material technologies are currently causing a paradigm shift in medicine towards personalized medicine. This lecture will give illustrate some of the current applications of 3D printing in the 3D InnovationLab of the VUmc. Furthermore, an overview will be provided of the research topics and the challenges that we face in the field of medical 3D printing.

About Maureen van Eijnatten

Maureen van Eijnatten has a background in Medical Physics and is currently pursuing a PhD at the VUmc 3D InnovationLab. Her research focuses on the challenges and the accuracy of medical 3D printing. Maureen also works as a teacher at the Faculty of Medicine.

About VU University Medical Center Amsterdam

The VUmc 3D InnovationLab combines the experience of doctors, scientists, engineers and designers, along with technological industries. This allows the development of new treatment methods (“human spare parts”) using computational design, robotic fabrication, navigation and surgery, combined with novel material technologies and human stem cells.

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