Tikcit is registration platform partner of 3D Medicine Printing Conference

Tikcit is registration platform partner of 3D Medicine Printing Conference, which will take place on Feb 01, 2017 at MECC Maastricht in The Netherlands

About Tikcit
Organising an event implies many issues, from ticketing to e-payments, from statistics to ordering supplies, from surveys to social media and many many more. Tikcit is the platform to support you.

Tikcit is the first ever platform that enables you to help you organizing your event from ticketing to all features you require.

Tikcit offers all basic features but the strength of it is that Tikcit enables you to connect many tools from other partners to optimize the organisation of your event.

Since Tikcit is a platform it allows participants to co-create and exchange value with each other.

External developers can extend platform functionality using our API and contribute back to the very infrastructure of the business.

Platform users who act as producers can create value on the platform for other users to consume.

Tikcit provides an open, participative, plug-and-play infrastructure for producers and consumers to plug into and interact with each other.

For more information about the API and the use of it, please use this form.

About 3D Medicine Printing Conference
The role of medicines in healthcare systems globally is becoming more important. Innovative treatments become available to address unmet clinical needs at the same time that economic development and the imperative of universal health coverage become drivers of expanded access.

In 2014 it is estimated that the global spending on medicines exceeded $1 trillion for the first time. The amount is projected to reach $1.2 trillion in 2017.

The traditional value chain of medicines involves three major components:

  • Manufacturing of the medicine
  • Distribution to the dispensing point
  • Dispensing to the end user (Providing the correct medicine dosage and form)

We invite you to explore the conference website for more information about the program and registration.


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