Two Hospitals in Cambridge Implementing 3D Printing for Augmented Patient Care

Just a couple of weeks ago reported on how the UK’s National Health Service was actively implementing 3D printing to reduce surgery times and costs; now two more British hospitals have got into 3D printing, this time to improve patient care.

Patients being treated at Cambridge University Hospitals, both the Addenbroke and Rosie Centres, will benefit from a new way of managing their health problems through the support of 3D printing. Using the data gathered from MRI and CT scans, as well as ultrasound images, doctors will use a 3D printer to create models of injuries and other health issues. This will help them develop a more precise and personalized treatment plan.

Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that visualizing their illness in certain cases can help patients recover faster. This works for mental and virtual images, it may work even better with actual, physical representations. … (Read more)