Ultimaker, Philips Partner to Produce 3D Printed MRIs (Video)

The international society of medical professionals in the field of Magnetic Resonance held their 23rd annual meeting in the prestigious Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the beginning of June. Once a year, medical professionals from all over the world gather to share ideas, present workshops and educate one another to further this particular field of research with ISMRM. More than 7000 experts in the field attend this week long conference to fuse technology and experience into meaningful progress.

In a collaborative effort by both companies, Philips and Ultimaker wanted to give attendees something to think about within the theme of innovation. Everyone should already be familiar with the high resolution scans and the extensive software suite that Philips provides clinicians but what possibilities were undiscovered when you can bring such detailed information in physical form?

In order to inspire the right questions, Ultimaker and Philips chose several clinical examples that were ripe to showcase. DICOM’s (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) files were prepared and translated from MRI data into .STL files in order to be printed on the Ultimaker 2 Extended. An aorta with a very visible aneurism, a cross sectional model of a knee, a whole human brain and a combination of a full human head with the brain exposed. You can see the timelapse of how the head and brain were printed below. The ecstatic response of the attendees who saw the display speaks for itself and it sparked some really great conversations and ideas.

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Source: ultimaker.com

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