Wevolver to Build World’s First Open Source Modular Exoskeleton for Injured Athletes

In 2012, the Beijing Summer Paralympic games attracted a cumulated international audience of over 3.4 billion people. The Paralympics is now the second largest sporting event in the world, following only the Olympics.

Now, with the Rio 2016 Paralympic games fast approaching, the next generation of adaptive athletes is seeking to participate in elite performance sports and gain access to the innovative new technology that will help them on their journey to the top.

Working with Max Conserva, founder of the Adaptive Athletics Class at San Francisco CrossFit, Wevolver is assembling a team of engineers to build the world’s first open source modular exoskeleton, designed specifically for enhancing the performance of permanently injured athletes.

After receiving a life changing injury at just 8 years old, Max has dedicated his life to creating solutions that push the boundaries of orthotics, orthopedics, and adaptive athletics – and now it’s our turn as a community to contribute our skills and expertise to unlocking the potential of some of the most dedicated and inspiring sports men and women on Earth.Read more

Source: Wevolver Press Filing


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