Youbionic Plans to Build 3D Printed Bionic Exo-Arms (Video)

Italian startup Youbionic has been developing its 3D printed, bionic hand for some time, making progress every day. What started as a CAD model has since become a physical prototype that can flex with electrical impulses triggered by muscle movements, all relying on a simple Arduino board. And, while Youbionic works on the next stages of its prototype, the firm, run by Federico Ciccarese, is already planning its next project, that aims to be even bigger: complete 3D printed bionic arms to replace or augment the arms of its wearer.

Federico tells me, “The first experiments on the prototype proved excellent. We validated our initial idea that material deformation is necessary in order to optimize the hand’s movements. The mechanical intuition that we derived from a direct observation of muscular fibers have provided us with the necessary elements to design the entire bionic hand.” The results of their efforts to date can be seen in the video below.

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