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University of Perugia, School of Medicine
Building B
Piazza Gambuli 1
06129 PERUGIA (PG)

Dipartimento di Scienze Chirurgiche e Biomediche
Università degli Studi di Perugia 
Edificio B
Piazza Gambuli 1
06129 PERUGIA 


Arriving by car? Autostrada A1 (Firenze-Roma)         

If you are coming from the North exit at “Valdichiana” and take the SS75, exiting at “Perugia San Faustino” or “Perugia Prepo”. If you are coming from the South exit at Orte, take the E45 and follow the directions to Perugia. Exit at “Perugia San Faustino” or “Perugia Prepo”.

Autostrada A14 “Adriatica” (Bologna-Taranto)

From Rimini-Cesena to Città di Castello and then take the E45 to Perugia. From Fano to Gubbio and then to Perugia. From Fano proceed in the direction of Gubbio, then to Perugia. From  Pescara follow the directions for Terni Via L’Aquila-Rieti and then to Perugia. From Civitanova Marche to Foligno and then to Perugia.

Superstrada E 45 Cesena – Orte

Exit at Perugia and follow the signs for the university district (Zona Universitaria)

When exiting the motorway near Perugia, we suggest taking the exit “Perugia Prepo” or “Perugia San Faustino”.

transportation Arriving by airplane? The Umbria International Airport – San Francesco d’Assisi is located just outside the small town of Sant’Egidio close to Perugia         

Perugia can be reached from the airport San Francesco by shuttle bus (800 099 661) or by renting a car or taking a taxi directly at the airport.

Perugia can also be reached by landing at the  Fiumicino Airport (Rome), which is around 200 km away. From the Fiumicino Airport we suggest taking a direct bus to Perugia, operated by the company “SULGA”. From the International terminal T3, in order to get to the bus stop, one must turn right and walk straight for 150 meters. The bus is white and has the company name “Sulga” written on the side (see picture for reference).

transportation Arriving by train? Direct train service is available to Perugia from Rome, Florence and Milan. Check the train connections here.
transportation Arriving by bus? The bus network in Perugia is quite extensive, reaching all the most important places such as the hospital, train station, and shopping malls.  For routes and timetables, please go to the website.
transportation Taxi? As there aren’t many taxi hubs in Perugia it is usually a good idea to book your taxi in advance using one of the following numbers:         

  • Fontivegge Station Tel: +39 075 5010800
  • Corso Vannucci Tel: +39 075 572 1979
  • Piazza Italia Tel: +39 075 573 6092
  • Largo Cacciatori delle Alpi Tel: +39 075 573 6096
  • RADIOTAXI service Tel: +39 075 500 4888 – this service cannot be booked in advance.


For accommodation options, we invite you to consult the specialist for the Perugia region, Koala Viaggi. You can contact them via mail as well on nadia [@]